Summer Calligraphy Marathon J
Skocjan, Divaca - SLOVENIA
22. julij – 24. julij – LAURENT PFLUGHAUPT   max 15 students:  =  230 €
Born in 1964 in Algrange, on the eastern edge of France, Laurent Pflughaupt is a designer, calligrapher, artist, painter and researcher into new forms of writing. After achieving a degree from Paris’s École Municipale Supérieure des Arts et Techniques, he began work as an independent designer in 1989. Working from an atelier in north-east Paris– he has also been a professor of layout, visual communication, illustration and calligraphy for about 25 years.
Laurent  is my pure inspiration… I love his works and all what he does with materials, colours and design. I love his letters and their reconstruction to unpredictable but still perfect letterforms. With him we will be discovering the letters from ancient times and turn them into a moderen symphony…
His work is a dynamic fusion of artforms. View them in colour in Laurent’s own site, which is a work of art in itself.

25. julij – AUTOMATIC PENS and developping your own scripts – max 12 students:  = 45 €
Let's play with automatic pen today! We will be exploring the possibilities of writing on the edges which is a perfect base for dry brush. Through training basic letterforms we will continue to discover your own shapes and styles…

26. julij – DRY BRUSH – unusual scripts - max 12 students:  = 45 €
Brush is a delicate tool and it requiers all discipline and patience. I just love this tool and all the traces that it makes. Once you get to know each other well you will fall in love, too… J So, come and try to dance with it!

27. julij – 28. julij– DESIGNING A FINAL PIECE - max 12 students  = 100 €
These 2 days we will plan the final piece that you have already planned at home. Of course you can start really from nothing but it is good to have at least the text you would like to work with. We will be planning a design through textures and weights of the scripts and talk about colours and combinations…

29. julij – 31. julij – ROMAN CAPS or your chosen script  - max. 14 students  = 155 €
And finally here they ar! The roman capitals. The most ancient and most influent script of all latin calligraphy scripts. Everything begins here! The basics of the Roman Capitals are really essential to practice all your scripts in a correct way. So, dive in and work hard! J
The prices DO NOT   include the accomodation in Village of SKOCJAN, Divaca

If you choose:
5 days (workshop and/or class) =  - 10 % of total sum
6 days (workshop and/or class) =  - 12 % of total sum
7 days (workshop and/or class) =  - 14 % of total sum
8 days (workshop and/or class) =  - 16 % of total sum
9 days (workshop and/or class) =  - 18 % of total sum

10 days – ALL CLASSES AND WORKSHOPS = - 20 % of total sum 

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